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Home » First Aid Supplies » Miscellaneous » FA/AAEZ

Easy Evac Stretcher

Item Number: FA/AAEZ
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List Price: $46.20

Price: $32.95

You Save: $13.25 (29%)

Product Description
This light, versatile, easy to store stretcher can be stored anywhere. This portable non-rigid stretcher is flexible and durable. It can be rolled into a compact size and is easy to carry and maneuver.

The Easy EVAC also comes in kit form that includes:
- 2 paramedic blankets (also doubles as pillows)
- Triage tags
- Solar blankets
- Latex gloves.
All items are stored in compartments within the stretcher.

IMPORTANT: Price shown above is for Stretcher Only and does not include the kit items mentioned above. If you want the full kit, see links below for the "Easy Evac Stretcher Kit".
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