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Canadian-Alaskan Aircraft Survival Kit

Item Number: CA-20
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List Price: $520.00

Price: $399.95

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Product Description

Two People / 14 Days

Originally designed for pilots flying within Alaskan and Canadian airspace, the CA-20 offers protection against harsh climates in the event of an emergency. It contains over 150 medical and general supply items to help sustain two people for up to 14 days.
The space saving design combined with its ample supply of FOOD & WATER makes the CA-20 a popular choice on board fixed wing, motor craft, and corporate jets. Also used extensively by Search & Rescue units.
Wt. 31 lbs.

"This is the support unit professionals have come to rely on!"

Advisory: With the addition of a few specialized items, the CA-20 unit will meet the requirements for flying which are mandated by the Alaskan (civil) FAA and the Minister of Transport-Canada. The required additions are a follows:
Both U.S. & Canada - Add one pistol, shotgun or rifle with ammunition.
Canada - Add one sleeping bag
U.S. - From Oct. 15 to April 1 of each year, the following items are needed:
One sleeping bag
One pair of snowshoes
One wool blanket for each occupant
Survival Kit includes (general items)
Carrying Case
Duct Tape
Emergency Blankets
Emergency Flares
Emergency Manual
Fishing Kit
Flashlights with Batteries
Food Rations
Gill Net
Hand Warmers
Infectious Waste Bags
Insect Lotion
Mosquito Headnets
Pencil/Paper Set
Playing Cards
Pocket Compass
Razor Blades (optional)
Snare Wire
Survival Knife Kit including: band saw, extra compass, nylon line, sharpening stone, needles, fish hooks & leads and extra matches.
Tissue Packs
Usage Card
Utility Bags
Waterproof Matches
Water Rations
Watertight Container
Water Purification Tablets
Work Gloves

This Survival Kit also includes these medical items
Adhesive Bandages
Adhesive Tape
Alcohol Wipes
Anti-Diarrhea Tablets
Dust Masks
Elastic Bandage
First Aid Cream
Gauze Pads
Gauze Rolls
Instant Cold Packs
Sanitary Pads
Tongue Depressors
Toothache Kit

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