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Fire Escape Smoke Hood, 30 Minutes, Hard Case

Item Number: ASE30A
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List Price: $100.00

Price: $74.00

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Product Description
The ASE30A fire escape smoke hood will provide 30 minutes of breathable air in emergency and protect you against these agents:

- Carbon Monoxide (CO)
- Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
- Hydrogen Chloride (HCL
- Acrolein (CH2CHCHO)
- Anthrax
- Sarin
- Cyanogen Chloride
- Arsine
- Phosgene & Double-Phosgene
- Chloropicrin
- Benzol
- Bromomethane
- Lewsite-Gas
- Mustard Gas
- Radioactive Dust
- Toxic Smoke and Mist
- many Toxic Gases & other Carriers of Germs.

ASE30A smoke hood diagram

ASE30A smoke hood directions for use

Product's Function
  • The hood is an atmospheric, air-purifying negative pressure, filtration device with a flame-resistant hood. The product provides respiratory, head and eye protection to facilitate evacuation from hazardous fire and toxic gas atmospheres.
  • The flame-resistant hood can protect your head from hot burning ash or direct flame up to about 1400°F (800°C) during fire escape, especially in high-rise office & apartment buildings and hotels.
  • Every person should have one of these to protect themselves in cases of explosion, chemical spills, smoke inhalation or toxic fumes that may occur in conjunction with a vehicle, office, factory, airplane, ship or train travel or at home.
  • The hood has been tested to protect for a minimum of 30 minutes, from smoke, and toxic gases. The effective period may be changed depending on the environment, i.e. Type and concentration of toxic fumes and dust.
  • The hood protects against Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Propenal (Acrolein) and many other toxic gases and smoke.
  • The hood meets the requirements of standard EN403:2004
  • Approval - CE mark, tested in accordance with EN403:2004
    Inhalation Resistance: <= 800Pa
    Exhalation Resistance: <= 300Pa
  • During testing, the service life on this unit was 30 minutes or more for the following concentrations of testing agents: HCN - 400ppm, CO - 2500ppm, Acrolein - 100ppm, HCL - 1000ppm
  • Particulate Efficiency: >= 95%
  • Precaution: The hood is designed and manufactured to filter poisonous smoke and toxic gases. The device does not supply oxygen.
  • Storage Temperature: 0-40°C
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Weight: 730g
World Wide 3 million people will be seriously injured in fires this year, and over 200,000 will die.

Approximately 80% of those deaths will be caused by inhalation of toxic smoke and fumes, not by burns.

It is smoke, not flame or heat, that kills the vast majority of fire victims.

Smoke is laden with a host of lethal toxins, including: • Carbon Monoxide • Hydrogen Cyanide • Hydrogen Chloride • Sulphur Dioxide • Ammonia • Formaldehyde • Benzene

Carbon monoxide (CO) is the major toxin responsible for most fire-related fatalities.

It's often called "the silent killer" because it's odorless, colorless, and incredibly deadly.

CO is present in virtually all fires, and is lethal in concentrations as low as 0.5% (500 PPM) and incapacitating in even lower concentrations.

Engulfed in smoke, it's difficult to see, breathe or communicate.

People exposed to smoke quickly lose the clear-headedness, mobility and orientation that are vital to a safe escape.

Panic-stricken victims often hyperventilate, gulping in massive amounts of toxic smoke and fumes and greatly hastening their demise.

Shockingly, the time interval from detection to death can be as little as 60 seconds.

A smoke alarm or CO detector will alert you to the presence of smoke or toxic gas, but it will not provide a passage to safety.

If you're more than 30 seconds or so away from an exit, you may not make it without some sort of breathing protection.

PROTECTION: Our ASE30 / ASE30A / ASE60 / ASE60A / PURIFYAIR 30M CE products protect you from Carbon Monoxide (CO) / Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) / Hydrogen Chloride / ( HCL) Acrolein ( CH2CHCHO ) Anthrax / Direct Flame / Thermal Radiation / Dropping Dust and Hot Ash from Fire and protects the head 100% from many other Toxic gases and smoke. Technology used and licensed by NASA.

WARRANTY: All units come with a Five ( 5 ) Year Shelf Life Warranty from the date of manufacture.

There is no minimum order on this item nor does it's price apply to our minimum order for purchasing other items.

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