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Home » Survival Kits » ISP-06 ARKII

"I Care" Package Survival Kit

Item Number: ISP-06 ARKII
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List Price: $27.40

Price: $19.95

You Save: $7.45 (27%)

Product Description

1 Person / 3 Days

The ARK III is a personal sized survival package that says "I care." Its colorful packaging makes it a popular choice for gift-giving occasions. Each ARK III includes a "space blanket" plus enough food and water for one person for up to three days. Easily stored in a classroom, locker, desk or car, the compact ARK III can be used anywhere - home, auto, school or office. It's low-cost protection with a 5 year shelf life.
Wt. 4 lbs.

"Makes a perfect gift!"

Suggested use for this Survival Kit
Give Away
Corporate Thank You Award
Ad Specialty
Sales Gift
Holiday Gift
Schools (Students)
Fund Raiser

Survival Kit contains

There is no minimum order on this item nor does it's price apply to our minimum order. If you would like to order only 1 or 2 kits, your order will be less than our minimum order and the system will not allow you to checkout. To get around this, please place 3 kits in your shopping cart and tell us in the comments box on the last step of the ordering process the actual number of kits that you want.

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